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Best Mates Just Do It Better

Confused, inarticulate, well-meaning, horny and devoted

The Best Mates and More Awards
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The 2005 Best Mates and More Awards!

Welcome to the home for the 2005 Ron and Harry Best Mates and More Awards. We welcome you to join in to nominate and vote on your favorite Ron and Harry stories for 2005. It's time that Harry and Ron writers and artists were recognized as being some of the best, funniest, and craziest folks out there!

General Information

  • Nominations will open on February 10th 2006 and will conclude on February 28th 2006

  • Voting will commence on March 1st 2006 and run through March 28th 2006

  • Awards will be announced on April 1st 2006 and winners will be presented with icons and banners.

The Rules

These are important and necessary or there would be total anarchy!  We don't want that!

  • No flames or wank (except in the best possible way) or the awards will shut down immediately.

  • All nomination comments will be screened and deleted once voting commences

  • In your nominations you must include the following

a. Authors or Artists Names

b. Email of the Nominee so can confirm they wish to participate

c. The title of the story or piece of art

d. The category you are nominating the piece for

e. The rating!  This is very, very important

f. A link to the story or art you are nominating

  • Post your nominees in the appropriate thread in the community.

****In the category for I Know Cock Award ladies you can nominate but only the male voters may vote.***

  • There is no limit to the number of nominations that you make

  • Have fun and remember Best Mates just do it better!

Special Thanks and Credits

Header image credit goes to dream_wia_dream

Thanks to the following people for signing up to make icons, awards banners, and pimping banners

doroteah,shocolate,borasak_chunsa,dream_wia_dream,leeicons,golwenadaneth,joymaro, and simons_flower

Thanks to the following people for volunteering to pimp the hell out of our awards:

dream_wia_dream, shocolate, earthquakedream, capitu,golwenadaneth,madam_minnie, and fuqmeharry

Thanks to everyone at harry_and_ron and harry_ron_recs for taking the time to fill out polls and for their interest in the awards!  You're the best!